Wedding and Anniversary cakes Wedding and Anniversary cakes Red and Black Wedding Cake with Chocolate Skull 190268336 Birdcage Wedding Cake 196252944 3 tier Black and White Wedding Cake with Lillies This Wedding Cake was made with Chocolate Sponge and chocolate filling with Fresh Strawberries 132473239 topsy turvy wedding cake 180580022 5 tier wedding cake Spikey Feathers made from edible rice paper 196252945 Butterfly Wedding Cake 179688720 Scottish wedding cake, church, with Tartan and thistle border 117746923 3 tier wedding cake with handmade pink and white roses 194456922 Thistle, Heather and Dragonfly wedding cake Gluten free Red Velvet 186699413 Pearls, brooch and Bow wedding cake 186699412 Purple Roses Wedding Cake 186699410 Shoe Wedding Cake The shoe is handmade from Icing 121136436 shoe handmade from sugarpaste 115002742 Scottish wedding cake 78399123 Silver Flower Wedding Cake white chocolate) This is a chocolate wedding cake with white choclate icing 92030325 blue flower wedding cake 75635218 Yellow Sunflower Wedding Cake 115002740 2 tier Love Heart Wedding Cake 117744959 Yellow Carnation wedding cake 121136434 3 tier wedding cake with sugar lilies 130577983 Wedding Dress Cake (back) This cake was Chocolate but can be made in any other Flavour. 139641017 Wedding Dress Cake (front ) this cake is made from chocolate but can be made in any other flavour 139641016 3 tier wedding cake with lilies icing swag and burgangy ribbon 130576901 sugar lilies 130575789 White Chocolate Wedding Cake 156248783 Black White and Silver Wedding Cake The topper on this cake is hand made with swarovski crystals. 121136435 3 tier wedding cake with Gold Roses 194999318 Ivory Wedding Cake with Sugar Roses Ivory wedding cake with handmade sugar roses bottom tier is fruit and top tier is sponge. 121136438 3 tier Wedding Cake with handmade roses. Wedding Cake with handmade roses, bottom tier is fruit middle tier is vannila sponge and top tier is chocolate. 145141310 Purple and Silver Wedding Cake with flowers & butterflies 167174037 Wedding Cake with Yeti Bride and Groom Toppers Cake is Raspberry ripple Flavour 167174038 Love Heart Wedding Cake 179688721 Wedding Cake and Cupcakes with Red Roses 139641015 roses wedding cake and cupcakes 133825362 blue flower wedding cake with cupcakes 115002738 Crystal & Diamante Wedding Cake (top tier Gluten Free) 194456924 Crystal Wedding Cake 196252943 Wedding Cake with Black love hearts Wedding Cake with Black Love Hearts (Bottom tier Chocolate Middle tier Vannila sponge Top Tier Carrot Cake 174755014 Diamante Wedding Cake 150614281 Trailing Roses Wedding Cake 167174039 cupcakes wedding cake 180580021 red roses wedding cake 78800619 wedding cake This cake was made with Fruit, marzipan and Royal Icing 71991701 Wedding Cake This cake was made in sponge with sugarpaste 71991590 Red and Black wedding cake 117744960 Yellow Flowers Wedding Cake 150614280 Scottish Theme Wedding Cake This cake was made with Fruit, marzipan and Royal Icing 71991220 Red and Black Wedding Cake 121136437 wedding cake with cupcakes 93131890 new york taxi aniversary cake. 128013833 Valentine/Engagement Cake 150614896 Gluten free wedding cake Top tier is Gluten free Fruit cake cupcakes are gluten free Vanilla sponge 186699411 Love Heart Cake 115002744 Love heart cake 174641095 love heart valentine cake 174641098 Wedding Favour Cookies 148882732 Engagement Cake 194456923 wedding cake and cupcakes 93132011 ps3 grooms cake 133112935 Anniversary cake This cake was made with Fruit, marzipan and Royal Icing 69419815 Dragon & wolf anniversary cake dragon and wolf are handmade from sugar paste flowers are made from rice paper 197093123 Anniversary cake 197093124 Engagement Cake Engagement cake (picture was hand painted on the cake from the happy couples photo) 197759748 Mr & Mrs Wedding Cake 206698480 206698481 wedding cake with black edible lace 206698482